Don't Look Down, Pollyanna

by Steve Forbert

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"Don't Look Down, Pollyanna" is clearly a song about America today---all of the foreclosures taking place and the people out of (what were) their homes.

One reads the statistics---the numbers coming out of government monitoring agencies and the financial institutions, but where are all of the people going?

Everyone knows we're not still talking about secondary residences and failed attempts at flipping condos in Miami.

Are we talking about the waiting list for a tent village near Tampa?

As far as the song's title, anyone familiar with the (underrated) Disney film will recall Haley Mills (literally out on a limb) sneaking out of her upstairs window in order to attend the town bazaar.

Of course the peak scene is the one where the town preacher "sees the light" thanks to that wonderfully wise little girl and a quote from Abraham Lincoln (but I still prefer Mrs. Snow beside the fishing booth making sure Pollyanna wins a doll!)

A brand new Steve Forbert song!

This studio demo (recorded September 25 and 26, 2009 with Marc Muller in New Jersey) is now exclusively available from!

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The track is part of a seven song EP available for download. Also among the selections are Steve's cover of Tommy Edwards' hit "It's All in the Game" and the alternate version of "How Can You Change The World" which appeared on the now out-of-print Real Live Love CD single.

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released October 28, 2009

Cover Photo: Katherine Forbert © 2009


all rights reserved



Steve Forbert Nashville, Tennessee

Singer-songwriter Steve Forbert had his first major hit in 1979 when he was only 25 years old, shortly after moving to New York City from his hometown of Meridian, Miss where he had been working as a truck driver Thirty-plus years later, he’s still writing acclaimed songs and has released 14 studio albums, including a Grammy-nominated tribute to another Mississippi legend, Jimmie Rodgers. ... more

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Track Name: Don't Look Down, Pollyanna
Don't Look Down, Pollyanna

The sidewalk spiel, it's no big deal,
The traffic lights are blinking just the same;
The church bell tolls for hearts and souls,
And ev'ry moth is flapping toward a flame.

Don't look down, Pollyanna,
Don't look down at all;
Shreveport Louisiana
Is just as high as Niag'ra Falls.
You feel as if you're over a barrel,
You think you might be close to the edge,
You're hopin' there'll be somebody there who'll
Get you back in tact off the ledge.

Your west side home they foreclosed on
Is someone else's dream come true today;
At near half price it must feel nice
To wake up with a mortgage one can pay.

Don't look down Pollyanna,
Don't look down at all,
Shreveport Louisiana
Is just as high as Niag'ra Falls.
You feel as if you're over a barrel,
You think you might go straight down the drain,
You're hopin' there'll be somebody there who'll
Zap you back t' Hackberry Lane.

The World And How To Work It
Is a book you should've read,
There should've been a copy on the night stand by your bed;
Life And How To Live It
is another good choice as well --
The new large print edition and a fairly clean hotel...

A sweet soul blast from days gone past
Is bouncing off the Greyhound station wall;
A safe past tense that makes good sense
And now is somewhat painful to recall.

Don't look down, Pollyanna,
Don't look down at all;
Shreveport, Louisiana is just as high as Nia'gra Falls.
You feel as if you're over a barrel,
You think you might be close to the end,
You're hopin' there'll be somebody there who'll
Get you back on track once again.

(c) S. Forbert 2009
Track Name: The Beast of Ballyhoo (Rock Show)

Bought myself a ticket and I paid to park my Nissan, too;
Really can't afford it, but I'll do just to come hear you.
I know all your songs and all the words and what the songs all mean;
There's the trucks an' trailers and the buses of your road machine...

Rock show, hope you never stop,
Rock show, way up at the top,
It's me, in section fifty three
And you, the Beast of Ballyhoo!
Tryna find my seat I stop to look at all your merchandise;
Punk girl walkin' by me says she's skippin' work to be here twice...


You wear a gold satin jacket, but your tattoos show,
You've got a ring on ev'ry finger and your green eyes glow,
They call you beast and say you're crazy, but they just don't know,
You've been on top since you was twenty, so I don't think so!
There's your red Destroyer and your back-up singer's tambourine;
I'll catch ev'ry detail off your big high-definition screen.


© S. Forbert 2008
Heathercom Music, ASCAP

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